• Over 2 million Gen Zers have moved back in with family in the wake of the coronavirus

    5 days ago - By Business Insider

    Inti St Clair / Getty Images
    A new StuDocu poll found that over half of Gen Zers are living with their parents as the coronavirus continues to sweep through the nation.
    Zillow similarly reported in June that about 2.2 million Gen Zers had moved back in with parents or other family members in March and April.
    Gen Zers were hit especially hard by the economic fall out caused by the pandemic.
    Gen Z was severely impacted by coronavirus-related layoffs , since many worked in the hardest-hit sectors like hospitality and retail.
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  • Mainland China reports 45 new coronavirus cases for July 31

    Mainland China reports 45 new coronavirus cases for July 31

    5 days ago - By China Travel & Tourism News

    China reported 45 cases of the new coronavirus in the mainland for July 31, down sharply from 127 cases a day earlier, the health commission said on Saturday.
    Of the new infections, 31 were in the far western region of Xinjiang, according to a statement by the National HealthCommission. Eight were in the northeastern province of Liaoning, and the remaining six were imported cases.
    China reported 23 new asymptomatic cases, up from 11 a day earlier.
    As of the end of Friday, mainland China had 84,337 confirmed coronavirus cases, the health authority said. The COVID-19 death toll remained at...
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