• The 2018 Sisters Quilt Show is Now in the History Books

    4 monthes ago - By Ray and Cindy's RV Travels

    Sisters, Oregon High 94 Low 62
    We drove through Downtown Sisters and while the shops still were doing the Quilt Walk, not a single quilt could be seen on the outside. We even went by the Quilt Store and again, not a single quilt to be seen but here are a few more pictures from Saturday.
    It was too warm for any kind of walk yesterday afternoon so we decided to take a ride to McKenzie Pass to see the back side of the three Sisters volcanoes and see some more lava fields. The elevation there is 5325 feet, which is almost 2000 feet higher than Sisters.
    The road was very narrow in some places...
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  • Beach and Quilt Store

    Beach and Quilt Store

    4 monthes ago - By Ray and Cindy's RV Travels

    Neskowin, Oregon High 63 Low 50
    Today was windy and because of the wind we felt chilly.
    We started the day by driving to Cloverdale to the Quilt Store. It used to be located in the owners basement, but since we were here last, she moved to a real store in town. There is a lot more room than last time.
    There were several different sales going on and, yes, we couldn't resist. We probably got enough material to make 3 large quilts! In our defense, they had the Row by Row Pattern, which we got free.
    This is their Row by Row After the Quilt Store we drove to Pacific City to let Penny play on...
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