• Hong Kong's protestors are turning college campuses into improvised weapons factories

    7 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Protests in Hong Kong against the government in Beijing have dragged on since June, which demonstrators say has forces them into taking a harder line.
    On campuses across the territory, students and others who have joined the protests have set up workshops to produce makeshift weapons and fortifications.
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    Under a November full moon, hundreds of young people dressed in black set about turning several of Hong Kong's top universities into fortresses, well stocked with improvised weapons.
    At City University, protesters used ping pong tables...
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  • Chinese students flee Hong Kong as campuses burn

    Chinese students flee Hong Kong as campuses burn

    7 monthes ago - By China Travel & Tourism News

    Having fled Hong Kong universities they had thought were a ticket to success, Chinese students from the mainland sit in hostels and noodle shops in the neighboring city of Shenzhen wondering how they'll complete their studies.
    With campuses turned into blazing battlegrounds, courses canceled and anti-China sentiment growing more virulent, students from mainland China are getting out of Hong Kong with little idea if they will ever go back.
    “It's really just not safe any more and I don't see it getting any better,” said one twentysomething student leaning on a suitcase outside a restaurant...
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