• A student-loan borrower was promised a $5,000 refund on payments after Biden's broad debt relief. Months later, she's still waiting - and no one is picking up the phone to help

    4 days ago - By Business Insider

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    Roxanne Dougherty made payments on her student debt during the pause at the start of the pandemic.
    After Biden announced broad debt relief, she asked to be refunded her $5,000 in voluntary payments.
    Six months later, she's still waiting - and hasn't been able to get help from her servicer.
    Roxanne Dougherty always made sure she was staying on top of her student-loan payments. After graduating from a state school in 2014, Dougherty had about $25,000 in student debt - after receiving a Pell Grant - that she started paying off immediately. She missed just one payment on her loans...
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